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It’s the UK and we know our weather can be rather difficult to predict at the best of times. As we’re in January and in the darkest and coldest part of winter it’s the season when there can be troubles with your roof due to severe weather conditions.

A roof can last for well over 20 years so you’re bound to see some sort of damage during this time period. It’s important to have your home inspected by roofers glasgow if you’re from that part of the country – for any damage or potential leaks on a bi annual basis.

We got in touch with some local experts to help us discuss the potential problems to look out for with your roof:

Blow offs and tenting

It’s a common problem when the wind blows off the roofing material or lifts it off. The wind can be like this at times – especially with the climate in the UK. It happens due to early exposure to the likes of rain and wind respectively.

Other problems can also occur in the long so it’s important to address them as soon as possible.

Leaks and wetness

This often happens when there are blown slates or tiles. storm damage and other issues. Moisture can still be damaging your roof – even if you don’t know it. Problems with backwater laps and head laps can be the cause of leaks. A problem with this can happen even if you don’t see a drip.

You should take care of your roof

To make sure that small problems don’t become big problems, fix minor issues and inspect your roof regularly.  Doing this will limit any damage to your roof.

Post-installation & Puncture Damage

This can be annoying as even the smallest puncture can sometimes cause lasting damage.  By  using a reliable roofing company all these problems can be rectified quite easily.

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