Coffee In The UK

Here at The News UK we love our coffee and who doesn’t? It wakes us up and makes us alert. There’s been loads about caffeine over the course and we thought we would put together our own piece on the ins and outs of coffee!

Let’s look at the biology of coffee:

To fully understand how caffeine works in coffee we need to look at adenosine.  Its job is to make you slow down as the day goes on. Kind of like putting the breaks on the central nervous system.  Caffeine stops this as blocks the work of this chemical and this is when you feel the effects of coffee.

How it effects your brain:

It starts the second you drink it. It realises dopamine into the brain, the feel good chemical. It makes you feel pleasure and alertness. It helps sharpen your senses too.

Drink coffee and for around 45 minutes, you’ll have a boost in your brain that will elevate all your senses basically.

It’s good for the heart

A study by Harvard found that those who drinks 4 cups of coffee or more a day have less chance of getting heart disease and other related heart issues.

So there you have it – coffee is good for you!

If you’re looking to try the best coffee around – there’s loads of suppliers of coffee machines in and around the UK.

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