Let’s Look At A Scottish Success Story

When you look at a business you need to decide what makes it stand out as a success story. This can involve customer service, the service offered itself and other factors can be involved too.  A business that springs to mind is the Clydebank Cooperative. It’s one of the most important businesses in the town of Clydebank. It’s only one of 3 cooperatives in Scotland and it’s by far the smallest of them all too. It employees many people so it’s become an important money driver for the people in the city and the country in general.

Sometimes the company gets mistaken as being part of the larger Co–operative UK group but this isn’t correct. It’s a stand alone organisation, as a beacon of success for the people of Clydebank. It was partnered with the Cooperative retail group in 2013 but switched to the Keystore brand to diversify into new markets.

There are so many positives that the business brings to the local community. It invests in its people and its surroundings. It rents out floor space to business people and other vendors so they have a low-rent space so their SME can flourish.  This is another way that the economy continues to expand.

There are other parts of the business that continues to expand and grow. Such as the Clydebank based cooperative funeral service.

The funeral directors serve as a cost-effective way to help families through the grieving process and put their loved ones to rest.  By keeping the economy going and continuing to employ people locally it will only enable Clydebank to continue to grow in the future. Let’s see how this Scottish success story develops.