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The economy in the UK is measured in many ways. By business growth, how many people are employed in the town and how much disposable income people have. In relation to business growth, we can look at many great examples of companies who help their community and one of the companies is European Circuits. Based in Clydebank, near Glasgow, they’re an organisation that stands out.

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Let’s look at the story of European Circuits and how they work. What’s the history of the company and how did they start?

European Circuits – Who They Are

If you’re looking for a manufacturer that has years of experience in PCB for the UK mainland and Europe then look no further than European Circuits. None come much bigger. Headed by Mark Briscoe and supported by Business Development Manager Neil Johnston, the company continues to evolve and go from strength to strength.  Another reason for success at the company is the customer service level. Customers are always put first. When orders come in from all over the world, they are made the shortest time frame and to the highest quality.

Situated in Clydebank, the privately owned  company offers full services such as SMT, PTH and PCB  and cable assembly.

To The future

European Circuits has brought a lot of success to Glasgow and Clydebank itself.  In the last 2 years, they’ve enhanced their online presence with a brand new website and new online marketing strategy.

As well as increasing the workforce, better infrastructure is planned too.  The future looks great for one of Glasgow’s success stories.

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