Improving Your Health

So you’ve decided you want to become healthy and part of that process is to stop smoking. The first course of action is deciding how you’re going to quit. It isn’t an easy task but with the right plan, it is possible. Although smoking has decreased in Glasgow and in most of the UK, it’s still a huge problem for causing cancer and other diseases.  Sticking to plan gives you a higher chance of kicking the habit for good. Here are ways you can tackle your addiction head on:

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Help from a medical professional

This way is adopted by quite a lot of ex-smokers.  With this therapy it delves deep into your addiction and why you smoke.  The medical professional will try to find out why you started smoking and the triggers, whether that’s emotional or physical triggers.  This option works as it goes into the emotional of the addiction. It could help you go smoke free for good.

Stop smoking all on your own

People call it going cold turkey. Its adopted by a fair number of the population. It’s not easy though as under 10% are said to stop for good by using this method. This may add to the debate it’s better to use outside help than stopping all on your own.

Laser therapy

This is becoming a more and more popular way to quit smoking. It’s quite new. Using the use of lasers to helping you go smoke-free for good could potentially help.

Nicotine replacement therapy

There are different forms of nicotine replacement therapy that can help you quit. Gum, patches and even inhalers are being adopted. This way, addicts can get the nicotine without smoking. The end goal though is to quit tobacco and nicotine full stop.

The use of various treatments to quit

Having the support of family and friend might be the best way for you to quit for good.

Whatever method you decide on, take your time.